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MyCityByNight weren’t able to make it to Crowded House, so we sent a seasoned rocker, courtesy of the legends at Real Concerts, and this is his rocking review!

Crowded House was my girlfriend’s first big rock concert experience. She was 14 and it was in Durban. They were on their 1993 famewave world tour, allowing themselves into SA because sanctions had been lifted after the ANC was unbanned. They rocked out their feel-good Beatlesque choons and wowed the newbies into groupiedom.

Fast forward 17 years and we are experiencing a glut of sentimental flashbacks of the Eighties. Bananarama played Kirstenbosch and this year we have Alphaville, Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran doing the “Thriller” dance for their pensions. Maybe I should save that line for the likes of Smokie, The Beach Boys and Niel Diamond who are reanimating on our shores of late.

As a kid of the 80’s I did have at least two Crowded House vinyls which I had bought at C N A for around R25. Alex Jay played Don’t Dream It’s Over on Radio 5 before school, and I still have that video on a VHS cassette in my garage. So I did appreciate the twin chance to impress my chick and sing along to “Chocolate Cake” (mutually exclusive).

Grand West was full of its own special zombies that Tuesday night, apart from the regular casino ones. No John Legend crowd, this. White, middle aged and complaining that there were no seats in the golden circle. When the Kiwis came on having just arrived from 4 different parts of the world they had an uphill battle to rouse the flabby stadium. They even spent 10 minutes just trying to get an schlub who was sitting on the stairs to move. A highlight was the “impromptu” proposal by an oke in the front who was brave enough to propose marriage and have a song improvised live just for the night.

The rest of the sound was lovely and they played all the crackers, including new ones from the latest “Intriguer” album. They are so chilled on stage that their setlist was totally different from the Joburg gig, and they mash it up even for the quiet crowds.

Thanks to MyCityByNight and Real Concerts for a sweet trip down memory lane. Do check and for insane concert-tracking and re-living.

For a full review of the Jhb concert goto’re_plucky:_the_second_coming_of_Crowded _House/87/2509/

Many thanks again Real Concerts, you guys ROCK! Here is a little taste of the genius that is Crowded House, and one of the greatest songs of all time. Fact!

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