Crotch camera proves that women are perves too

woman are pervs too

Over the weekend Liveleak uploaded this “scientific experiment” featuring a guy with a massive bulge in his pants and a hidden crotch camera aimed at proving that women are just as pervy as guys. They went about proving this by sending the guy on the subway, equipped with a massive fake bulge and getting him to pretend to be napping on the train – catching any women who happened to be staring on the hidden crotch cam.

You’ll be quite pleased/horrified to know that a large portion of women stared long and hard at his crotch while he pretended to be asleep, with some of them even taking photos and licking their lips like they were Paula Deen readying themselves to eat a bucket of KFC hotwings. So there you have it – size does matter and women are JUST AS pervy as men (so no need to pretend).

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