Cristiano Ronaldo tackles Bale hard at practice & Bale responds by nutmegging him

ronaldo bale

Gareth Bale became the most expensive football player in the World after completing a move from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid last month and people immediately started wondering if he’d be able to get along with Cristiano Ronaldo (and his ego). In a recent video of a training session at Real Madrid, the players are playing a game of “piggy in the middle” when Ronaldo goes in for quite a big lunge on Gareth Bale, which is pretty inappropriate considering that it’s a training exercise and not a real game against opponents. Bale casually then nutmegs Ronaldo when he next gets the ball, much to the enjoyment of Pepe and some of the other players thereby probably endearing himself quite a bit to his new team mates.

That’s definitely one way to announce yourself to Spanish football… that and scoring on your debut (which Gareth Bale did over the weekend as well).

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