Cristiano Ronaldo endorses bizarre Japanese beauty product

cristiano ronaldo japanese beauty

I’m not too sure why Cristiano Ronaldo felt the need to endorse an absolutely bizarre product like the one in the video below, but I am quite thankful that he did giving us some real internet gold in the process. Forming a greater body of proof that Japan is one of the craziest places on Earth, the product that the globally famous footballer is endorsing is a beauty-device that requires you to stick it in your mouth and waggle it around like a happy and then sad clown. Even Ronaldo looked a bit confused after seeing exactly how it works –

cristiano ronaldo beauty product

Apparently the beauty product exercises a bunch muscles in your face, somehow keeping you looking young and beautiful in the process (seems rather Verimark-like to me). I sure hope that CR7 got paid a boat-load of cash for putting his name behind a product like this.

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