Criminals are getting tech savvy


When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke. It just seems like criminals will do almost anything keep themselves protected or even ready for action at any moment. In Italy, the polizia found a cellular telephone that had been turned into a hand gun, check this out.


It is a device that can hold .22 calibre bullets which are placed inside the phone and by the looks of things im guessing you use the red buttons as your triggers to shoot. Seems like criminals these days are getting very technically advanced. I think its quite a clever idea and what not but im not for it. Then again, im not a criminal.


Bang Bang…

You got capped by a cell phone!

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    1. My man, I still cant believe it… very gangsta!! Wonder how powerful it is though, sure its got quite a kick to it!!

  1. firstly… kreeeeeg id definitely class you as a criminal. im pretty sure you break the law every day of your life. normally around 4 20.

    secondly, awesome! finally a way to get lethal weapons into tiger! there is a god

  2. this is too sick, imagine whipping out your blackberry and hitting the "delete" button just to see that dude trying to sell you car chargers go down like a sack of potatoes… Where do i order?

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