Criminal scared off by little dog, instantly destroying his streetcred

criminal scared by dog

I really hate crime and the criminals who perpetrate it (and just by the way, I don’t think smoking a joint should land you up in prison) and that’s probably the reason that this video which was submitted to LiveLeak from South Africa makes me quite giddy inside.

In the video below you see a seedy character who has just launched himself over the vibracrete, to presumably help himself to the garden hose and just about everything else that could be used to buy another lolly of tik or buttons or whatever, get scared off by a tiny dog with a ton of courage. The would be criminal should just give up on a life of crime before anyone he knows sees this clip and offers him up for an anal sandwich with Jon Mongrel of the 28s gang after busting him to the police themselves – being utterly unimpressed by his lack of street cred.

+1 to that little puppy!

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