Create your own Dope Donut at Dipped!

dipped 2

Dope Donuts is something that real foodies living in Jozi appreciate not only due to their excellence but also because we don’t want to tell too many people about them, running the risk that they become so popular that we’re unable to get our fix. Well they’re giving you the chance to create your own Dope Donut at Dipped! 2 on 24th May.

Their new menu includes glazes like GLUWEIN, COFEE, CHOCOLATE and ORANGE + ZEST with toppings that are even more exciting than before with crystalised BLUEBERRY + BLACK CURRANT to POPCORN with SALT + ICING SUGAR + PAPRIKA! 

This weekend R95 will you get you a hot CIDER + APPLE SCHNAPPS or a hot CHOCOLATE with a shot of BRANDY + SOFT BROWN SUGAR and CINNAMON and of course there are delicious non – alcoholic options as well, with a scoop of gourmet ice cream and of course, your donut. 

Starting at 3pm at The Kitchen on the 4th Floor, over looking the Jozi skyline, it’s the perfect way to get creative and take in the beautiful cityscape of The City Of Gold!



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