What is Craft Cannabis and why you should support it

Craft Cannabis
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Artisinal or craft cannabis is marijuana which is cultivated by small growers, usually using environmentally-friendly techniques to produce top-quality results that are often difficult to replicate on a large scale. The term, Craft Cannabis, was first coined in California with the concept being identical to that of craft beer/microbreweries, speciality coffee or premium wine. Craft Cannabis originally referred to sun-grown marijuana by small-scale farmers but has expanded to include small, artisanal cultivators whether it be indoor or sun-grown weed. Two regions that are currently pioneering this movement are California and Canada.

While the private use and cultivation of cannabis have been legal in South Africa for the past two years, the sale of cannabis remains illegal and obtaining a license to grow commercially is almost impossible with the current requirements. Without a considerable amount of capital, it seems almost impossible for small-scale cultivators (some of whom have been growing cannabis for years, even generations) to partake in what is predicted to be a multi-billion dollar a year industry in Africa. 

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This lack of reasonable access to licensing has led to a steady rise in home-growers, city farmers, and semi-commercial clubs over the past two years who are turning to the craft industry. This rise in small to medium-scale cultivators could set a precedent for post-prohibition in South Africa, laying the ground-work for what could be the next major craft cannabis destination of the world. 

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If the correct legislation is passed to support this trend, it could open up phenomenal opportunities for tourism in South Africa. In parts of Europe and the USA, cannabis has created unparalleled economic opportunities from cannabis clubs to restaurants, spas, festivals and tours. Cannabis can influence countless pillar industries positively from; food to medicine, clothing, construction, renewable energy and more.

Why you should support Craft Cannabis businesses

1) Community

Craft businesses impact and uplift local communities directly, creating more opportunity and jobs. Niche cannabis businesses help to normalize cannabis culture, tradition and lifestyle and help to include members of the public who would otherwise continue to stigmatize the herb. Local socio-economic activity associated with the industry has proven to create a strong foundation for community development, and South African communities could immensely benefit from a thriving craft cannabis industry.

2) Sustainability

The craft cannabis movement is sustainable in a few ways. Most craft operations or small-scale cultivators are known to farm with more environmentally-friendly techniques. They can take more active measures, such as the use of organic pesticides or beneficial insects, which are effective but require much more effort on a large scale indoor setup. In the greater sense, cannabis is an all-round sustainable and renewable resource. Supporting craft businesses could help shape post-prohibition in SA and allow for small-scale cultivators (and not just major corporations) to develop innovative applications and products that help move South Africa towards being a regenerative society. 

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3) Quality

Perhaps one of the main driving forces behind a booming craft industry is the quality of a product. Craft or niche businesses tend to be popular because of the level of attention to detail in their products or services that are generally lacking in mass-produced products. While mass producers focus on maximizing yields, craft producers tend to focus on quality, growing in small areas where they can thoroughly control all the parameters that influence a plant and ensure consistent quality. Craft cultivators are also known for hand-trimming which preserves the bud, unlike automated trimming machines used on big commercial crops. 

4) Economy and Future of Industry

According to research gathered for The African Cannabis Report, the legal cannabis industry could be worth more than $US 7.1 billion annually by 2023 with proper legislation across major markets, like South Africa. Of that total, $US1.7B (roughly R28 billion) would come from South Africa alone, the highest estimate out of all African countries. By supporting the rising craft industry in SA, we have a powerful opportunity to influence and diversify the industry and its regulations ensuring equal rights and access along with meaningful employment opportunities and substantial tax revenues. 

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Cape Cannabis Club (C3) is an example of one of South Africa’s latest craft cannabis businesses who are pushing boundaries and uplifting local communities. The innovative club offers adult South Africans a legal cannabis growing and delivery service. 

But Cape Cannabis Club is no large scale, government-endorsed operation, it’s a craft start-up with a keen focus on uplifting local communities and small-scale cultivators. Cape Cannabis does this by creating job opportunities for communities in Cape Town. The club also works with a handful of independent growers, managing the process of growing member’s plants on their behalf.

C3’s craft cannabis approach to business has ensured top-quality bud is consistently grown for members. From concept to packaging to the final product, C3 is the prime example of what a craft cannabis business should aspire to – one that puts experience and product quality first, all while providing a safer and easier way for members to receive and enjoy cannabis. 

Craft cultivators like Cape Cannabis Club can play a vital role in building the foundation of the future of SA’s cannabis industry. ensuring local communities have equal access to jobs and equitable economic opportunity. With the support of fellow citizens, South Africa has the potential to become the next go-to Craft Cannabis destination of the world. 

Cape Cannabis Club offers a variety of tiered memberships and it’s also worth noting that you can pause or cancel your Cape Cannabis Club memberships at any time with no hidden fee. They also offer NATIONWIDE DELIVERY.

Cape Cannabis Club is currently running a trial membership where prospective members can browse and borrow a small share of 1 cannabis plant (1 gram) – all you’ll have to do is pay the courier fee.

To find out more about Cape Cannabis Club memberships and to sign up, visit capecannabisclub.org today.

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