CRAFT BEER LOVERS: Opening Night – Wembley Tap

OPEN NIGHT: 24th of October at 80 McKenzie Street or Wembly 3.

For all you craft lovers, these are some of the cracking beers that will be on tap!

Lionshead Brewery – Honey Blonde
Boston Breweries – Johnny Gold & Boston Lager
Cape Brewing Company – Amber Weiss & Pilsner
Citizen – Alliance Ale & Saboteur IPA
Darling – Slow Lager, Bone Crusher, Black Mist & Native Ale
Devils Peak – Blockhouse IPA & First Light Golden Ale
Windemere – Apple Cider
Kings Craft – Lionheart Lager
Lakeside Beerworks – APA – Weiss
Mitchells – Foresters Lager or 90 Shilling
Stellenbrau – Craven Lager
Triggerfish – Rotating Beers
Wild Clover – Rotating Beers
Belgian Beer Company – Liefmans Fruitesse & Vedett Wit
BelgianBeers – Celia Wit & Rotating Beers
Rouge – Rotating Beers
Smack Republic Brewing Co – Rotating Beers
Jack Black – Lager & Lumberjack

Sound good to you?


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