creates the worst online dating profile ever – desperate internet guys love it

Worst Online Dating Profile Ever

As part of a social experiment to look at just how desperate people who indulge in internet dating are, had Alli Reed set up up “the worst online dating profile ever” to check just how many people would get in touch because it used pictures of a mooiness in the profile. Even after creating a profile so dodge that even the most Taylor Swift-(and she’s crazy) loving man would be put off, Alli Reed was shocked when the profile received around 150 messages in the space of 24 hours from guys who were keen to meet up (surely they didn’t even bother to read the profile and like a colouring in book, decided to look at the pictures only).

Even after replying to some of the would be suitors with some fairly horrific responses that should’ve got the alarm bells ringing, which included a comment on lying about being pregnant in order to get money from ex-boyfriends, these guys were still really keen to meet up (& have some casual sex, I’m assuming). The world of internet dating is obviously still not the best way to meet someone and be happy – you’ll have to rely on talking to people in real life for that (at least until they find a way of making people add real photos of themselves to their profiles).

Check out some of the replies below:

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