CPT- Are you ready??

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a holiday! And even though I might be feeling a bit of the Christmas Grinch, I’m so happy to know that in a few days from now, a real holiday adventure begins!

A couple of months back, my BFF & I decided we needed to do something crazy & different. Sure you know the feeling? When you’re ‘stuck in a rut’? – ROADTRIP!

We slowly started looking at options and destinations, and settled on the Mother City!

From The City of Gold, we hit the tar towards a long lost love in our hearts and meet up with this gorgeous woman in East London. Nothing quite like some lady gossip, over a cup of Java, to re-connect, and make one feel human again. One must appreciate the small things in life!

From there, my ‘tour-guide’ leads me through the enchanting Wine Route, putting in some QT in Plett! Yes I’ve never been there – feeling like a real tourist in my home country.

After some sight seeing around this magical setting, we make our way to where the real party starts, finally reaching Stellies on the 31st Dec 2010, with my Cpt family anxiously awaiting my landing! It already almost feels like home – need to remember my roots – I am a Vaalie, I am a Vaalie!

I’m completely beside myself – feeling round about the same excitement just before the Miller Boat, but somehow completely different. As if I was embarking on a new adventure and culture all together.

I know that there’s no worry getting past the elusive ‘Capetonian Click’, as I’ve already managed to network my way into some fabulous company! Waakakaka! The joys of being a Social Whore!

Have no idea what we are going to be doing for NYE! We have no fixed itinerary, just going where the wind blows – every holiday should be that easy! (Note to self, update GPS Maps)

But I would love to get some suggestions on hidden Gems, secret locations, hot party spots and any other sites you think are worth a visit while we are in the hood!

Due to the high demand of our social calendar, we’ve decided not to commit to anything just yet!  – and no, I’m so not kidding! Everyone wants a piece of us! For now, the only sure thing we’ve settle on, is a picnic in Kirstenbosch the 2 Jan! The rest is open for play!

We will thus post, either via FB or Twitter, which venue or spot we will be gracing with our presence, then you crazy kiddo’s are more than welcome to come find us, snap a TwitPic, & hang with some glam!

So we’re taking the Sandton out of our limbs and heading for ‘the mountain bru’. Now all that awaits the other side of the boerewors line, is to see if the rumors are true… Are Jozi girls more fun and friendly than any other chicks in the world?!

Cape Town – I hope you’re ready to find out!

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  1. Raven, you will not be leaving…
    CPT is well the queen of Mooiness.
    Naturally, you will not want to leave the MCBN crew and late night alumni that are lucky enough CPT our Mother City!

  2. Should be interesting to have you in “my backyard”, so to speak 😉
    Will go delve up where all the parties will be happening and send them through to you 🙂
    And now I know I owe you a tequila (or two) when you are in town…..

  3. LOVE IT – I guess I am the tour guide you are referring to!!!! whoooopaaaa can’t wait my friend x x

  4. When you’re in the mother city you should try and spend some time in Kalk Bay… Lots of quirky lovely places to scrounge up interesting items right by the seaside, and The Brass Bell has AWESOME pizza’s and a great vibe. 😀

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