Couple Drop Acid And Attempt To Build IKEA Furniture

Couple Drop Acid And Attempt To Build IKEA Furniture (Video)

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We don’t have IKEA furniture in South Africa yet, but if I was to describe it – they sell really great furniture at a really great price because of the fact that you are required to put it all together yourself. If you’ve ever put together a shelf from Mr Price Home or somewhere, you’ll know just how bloody hard it is to put together when you’re sober, so just imagine dropping a tab of acid and then trying to not melt into the floor as you put the shelf together.

Giancarlo and Nicole thought that this was something they had to try and volunteered giving it a crack as part of a new series called HIKEA where people take psychedelics and attempt to build IKEA furniture.

Wow, that’s a fairly good effort! I reckon if it was me attempting it, I’d just lie there and roll around looking at all the pretty colours.

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