Couple Are So Into Each Other That They Don’t Notice The Joint Is Getting Robbed

Couple Are So Into Each Other That They Don't Notice The Joint Is Getting Robbed

cuddling couple robber

Aah, love is so beautiful – it can make you feel alive, it can make you miss out on the fact that the place you’re in is getting robber by three armed thugs. In this video a couple are so into each other that they don’t notice the joint they’re in is busy being robbed.

Police over in the US are looking the States are looking for three suspects wanted for robbing a bar at gunpoint in Billings, Montana. Witnesses (not the couple) said that a female and two men entered the bar armed with guns and wearing bandanas and gloves.

Most shocking was the CCTV footage of the robbery, which clearly shows the gunmen barely a metre away from the couple, who were too busy snogging to notice anything else around them.

The best bit is where the one robber looks like he’s considering robbing the couple as well, but then just leaves them, not wanted to cock block the poor guy. What a lag!

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