Could we find out who the Stig is?

Could it be a clever PR move?

When it comes to Top Gear’s The Stig, anything is possible.

So whats the skit then: The BBC is pursuing legal action against the Stig to stop him or her (here is hoping on mooiness) from revealing his or her identity in an autobiography he or she is penning. The British public broadcaster contends that it is part of his work contract to keep his identity secret.

The Stig has been with the show since 2003 and is one of the main main reasons Top Gear is as successful as it is and keeps Top Gear the mystifying show that it is. As you know, and if you don’t, why don’t you, he test drives the cars featured on the show (lucky bugger) and it is his track times with which Top Gear ranks them for lap performance.
Stiggy also gets to train the celebs in the Star in a resonably priced car part of the show… In the ltest season got to show Cameron Diaz a thing or two, not such a kuk job this guy has hey!

His identity is very well guarded and aside from the presenters, Jeremy ‘I Heart Pies’ Clarkson, Richard ‘I’m becomming more and more of a hippy’ Hammond and James ‘I do enjoy my booze’ May, and a few of the BBC’s big shots, no one else knows who he is.

Top Gear and the BBC have been known to mess around with their viewers and the public too when it comes to who the Stig-a-licious is. Last year they pretended to have the Stig remove his helmet on the program only to reveal Michael Schumacher wearing his trademark white race suit.

If you fell for that…. No Comment!

So who do you think the Stig is?

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