Cosy lingering winters in the Southern Suburbs

Lingering winter dinner hideaways at Jakes on Summerely

When we are in the Southern Suburbs we always try to make time for a little Jakes on Summerley. We love their cosy décor, with soft candlelit tables and friendly atmosphere, and when winter lingers this long, their warm ambience is the perfect dinner hideaway. But what we love more is their lamb curry – hands down one of the best curry’s we have ever had. Anything extra brought to the table is us being a little too indulgent, but we always make time for one of their fabulous starters, and sometimes their decadent desserts too!

These cold nights called for their warm Brooklyn bake: chopped artichoke hearts, mayo and generous offerings of mozzarella and Parmigiano turned into a baked dip, served with toasted warm rolls. The mayo and tanginess of the pickled artichokes added a little-unexpected zest to the dish, and we cannot wait to try and replicate this dish every winter night! Our second starter was their chilli poppers because we cannot say no to anything slightly spicy: perfectly panko crumbed jalapenos, filled with cream cheese, and a little sour cream to dunk your poppers into, on the side.

But the main event was the two curries: perfectly blended spices to give us two very different, yet mouthwatering curries. The spicy lamb curry served with a crispy poppadum, chutney, raita, fresh tomato salsa and basmati rice is always a winner! But this time, we were also blown away by the red Thai chicken curry, with coconut cream, lemongrass, lime leaves, coriander and basmati rice. We like that they do not hold back on the spice or the flavours here!

To soothe your palates after this meal, there is only one way to go for us: their upside down ‘potted’ cheesecake, beautifully presented in a glass jar, with passion fruit puree, and topped with a shortbread crumb, but who can say no to their doughnut holes dusted with cinnamon and served with Nutella and cream?

Jakes on Summerely is definitely a 4 on our dining scale!

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