Cosmopolitan Hottest Barman Search


Ok so this one is more for all of the ladies and gay guys out there-

Think Tom Cruise in Cocktail, think flairing bottles, think serving drinks that are on fire, while still being cool enough to get girls numbers and you’ll arrive at the point of the latest competition from a “little” magazine that some of you may have heard of before…

Cosmopolitan Magazine South Africa has begun the search for the country’s hottest barman…

Over the years that Kreg and I have been partying, we’ve become really good friends with plenty of barmen and thought that it was quite a nice touch to have them recognized by all of the admirers out there albeit only the ones you all think are pretty (In addition to the photoshoot and exposure in Cosmo, the winner also gets a FAT prize of R20 000).


From the 10 finalists that will be featured in July issue, the Cosmo readers will select their favourite and will stand a chance to win lots of girly goodies!!

All entries should be forwarded to

Get voting, its up to you girls & guys to get your favourite Bar hotties featured!!!

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  1. just when i thought idols had taken the cake for stupidest biggest load of shit!!! HERE IS THIS!!!!



  2. hahaha agreed… The only barmen I like are the ones that claim spillage everytime I hit the bar… they know who they are! hahaha

    Wouldn't mind the R20k prize though!

  3. fair point… cash is cash!

    they should have one for chicks, maybe Hustler should sponsor it… then you'd see spillage!!!!


  4. i can promise you that i WILL be a judge AND WILL DEFO FIND SOME PRIZE MONEY AND SWEET SPONSORS!!!
    FCUK IT, LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thats what I was thinking as well- how come their isnt one for the hottest barlady? Hmm, maybe MyCityByNight should do it? Cant promise the 20k prize money though 🙂

  6. hahaha… all in the name of fun i say!! The barmen at Frankies in Westville is really the only reason i go there.

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