Cosmic Gate| Interview

MCBN: Wow… It’s good to be chatting to two absolute legends of electronic dance music. Never ever thought this would be happening when we were standing on the dance floor and heard Exploration of Space for the very first time all those years ago.

MCBN: Speaking of Exploration of Space, what came first- the use of the sample or was it the choosing of the name and then the production that followed?

Cosmic Gate: We had the music first, actually the melody line came up first and during the production process we parallel searched for some vocals to fit the atmosphere of the track and finally found this one from the Nasa talking of exploring the space.

MCBN: You’ve been to South Africa a few times in the past (I’ve still got a signed postcard from the early 2000’s that I got from you at a gig at Gallery). What do you enjoy about playing to the South African audience and being in the deep South?

Cosmic Gate: South Africa is simply beautiful, we can highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t been, to fly south and to see it for themself! On top we always have a great time, people are very friendly, you guys love to party, for us this is always a reason to come back for now and also in the future.

MCBN: You’ve been putting out quality music for the last 12 years. How do you think Cosmic Gate’s sound has evolved from the early “FireWire” days?

Cosmic Gate: Music in general is always evolving and so are we as DJ’s and producers! Our current sound of course is far from how we started but we see this as a positive and a natural development, we would find it pretty boring to still sound the same! With all the changes, we sure have our Cosmic Gate handwriting that is well recognizable for sure.

MCBN: During that time, you must have seen some pretty crazy things go down. What is the one experience that you will always remember from your djing career?

Cosmic Gate: Best memory maybe is from 2002, so 10 years ago, when we played Trance Energy for the first time. We entered the hall from back stage, and when we went up the stairs to look over the hall, we couldn’t believe it! It was soooo big and huge, you could barely see the end of the hall! We had no clue this party was so big, we will never forget this, specially as the gig was memorable for us as well. A great memory!

MCBN: If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Cosmic Gate: Upfront you never know how a collaboration will work in the end, but to work with Depeche Mode on a track sure would be something we wouldn’t say no to.

MCBN: Technology has played a significant role in how electronic dance music has developed and become popular over the years. Do you feel that social media and sites like My City By Night have an important part to play within EDM?

Cosmic Gate: A new upcoming scene needs support from the media, so of course people like you guys are important for the scene to build, it is give and take between artists and media, and good work from both the media and artist helps the scene to grow!

MCBN: What was the first record you ever bought?

Cosmic Gate: Sorry, we can’t actually remember, must have been some weird 80s 12-inch track, maybe it’s a good thing we don’t remember.

MCBN: Dogs or Cats?

Cosmic Gate: We both prefer dogs.

MCBN: What is your opinion of “pop” stars collaborating with dance music producers? (Eg Flo Rider and Avicii)

Cosmic Gate: We could discuss this for a long time but to make it short, we think such songs in the end are way better than rap or boring pop music in the radio, right?

MCBN: Which tracks off your brand new “Wake your Mind” album have been getting the largest response?

Cosmic Gate: It’s hard to say, nearly every single track off the album has been mentioned to us as someone’s favourite. Maybe the biggest success was the first single we did together with Emma Hewitt, called “Be your sound”, but again, we prefer people to make their mind up about it and come up with their own favourite. Our favorite changes from day to day, listen to listen and mood to mood, and this is good!

MCBN: Now it’s time for our infamous My City By Night, would you rather question:

Would you rather be forced to do a collaboration, with Nicky Minaj entitled “Exploring my Ass”

Or instead

Arrange the music for the local old age home’s Christmas show, bearing in mind anything over 80bpm would be considered highly detrimental to the old dears’ health?

Cosmic Gate: Seems it is time for us to get our carte blanche and say, next question!

MCBN: Thanks again for chatting to us. We’re looking forward to your upcoming SA Tour and having a beer in the back.

Cosmic Gate: We are looking forward to coming back a lot too, see you guys on the floor, or backstage for a beer indeed!

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  1. I respect the way they say “next question” when you were asking about the collaborations. I love it when artists avoid questions like this, it shows true character and professionalism not to DISS anyone else in the music industry! Love that!

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