Cosmic Gate- Back to the Future (classics from 1999-2003 remixed)

Strangely enough the entire crew of MyCityByNight formed an intense love for the night in the halls of rave clubs in cities around the world and it is for this reason that we felt that this particular album deserved a mention. Just over 11 years ago Nic Chagall and Stefan ‘Bossi’ Bossems began rocking the electronic music scene with the now super famous Cosmic Gate.

Now you cant tell me that you’ve never heard, Fire Wire or dare I even mention it- Exploration of Space banging out of a soundsystem at least once in your life. I remember meeting these guys with Kreg a number of years back and being in total awe of some two of the most legendary electronic music producers in the world. Well… Cosmic Gate are back

Cosmic Gate’s latest release – Back To The Future – The Classics from 1999 – 2003 REMIXED will be provided by David Gresham Records digitally from 1 March 2011 in South Africa and will feature a host of their classics from over the years remixed, to sound fresh and relevant to what’s going on in world music at the moment. They’ve even thrown in a couple of new beats in there to make sure you keeping bopping well into the night.

Check out the promo video:


Booooom! Cant wait- Exploration of Space (dikki dikki diiiiiiiiirrrt)

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