Corenca C and Fun in the Sun! The Love Project!


***This was written by the Dirty Mexican

I woke up Saturday morning at about 9am, dreading the climb out of my comfortable, triple duvet slumber. Before passing out the previous night, I chugged down an elixir of corenza c, med lemon, disprin and myprodol. Before rolling out of bed I updated my status to: “I’ve never before been so tempted to bail on a party”, continued to stew in an air of sickness and depression, before being bombarded by many a comment urging me to man up and go through, so once again before finally rousing my sleepy ass I updated my status yet again: “I’ve never been so amped for a party while drinking corenza c”. I was up, feeling super groggy and medicated but I was ready to attack yet another Organik: Love Project party.

Being the second Love Project for me and the second one where I was on a budget, I was ready to see just how loving I could become!  After a long wait I was eventually collected by my good friend  Sean and after a few more admin issues we were off in his faithful “Scout” – his trusty bakkie.

We arrived at the pristine venue just as darkness was beckoning and as the mercury began to drop. Quickly loading up on some alcoholic beverages, we eventually ventured to the dance floor.

The Streisand Brothers were up on stage delivering some chilled progressive vibes and preparing an alarmingly large Saturday night crowd for a great, yet cold night of stomping.

Saturday night was especially awesome for me as I find myself falling head over heels for psytrance that falls into the more bouncy category, as if Sterealkey (Whom I missed :/)and Streisand Brothers weren’t enough, the powers that be blessed us by giving us a set delivered by those Equinox boys – Stereotype. These two, as always upped the ante, furiously throwing the tempo up and having a blast doing so! Always a pleasure to jam to a Stereotype set, even more so at an outdoor and even more so on the Saturday night!

The progressive flowed into the beautiful transition that is “Nano Tech” next with one of my favourite producers on the label – Static Flow. Friendly enough for day time and aggressive enough for night, this was the perfect set to behold following a slew of progressive thumpers. Brett knows how to make a crowd go full throttle, with his blend of machine(robotic) like, almost “industrial” night time full on.


Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, it was time for the only DJane at the party to take the podium and who better than the beautifully energetic Tune Raider. As usual her selection of beats took the party to the next phase, preparing everyone for the harder sets that awaited us. As always Pamm rocked it as if it were her first or last gig, giving at times more energy whilst jamming on stage than some of us on the floor!

Things started getting messy when they allowed those sexy hooligans David and Mike- aka Plusminus to play a 2:30am till 4:00am set. They were clearly frothing for a set at this time, as they really brought the ferocity along with them, setting the dance floor off with their chaotic choice of laser psy. Another commendation for stage presence to these two , even when the bar was closed and they had no more booze, these two rocked it like the two rockstar DJs they have become.

It was during their set that I started feeling the weariness of my cold,  as well as the near freezing temperatures outside so I decided to take a well deserved nap. Drunk, cold and suffering from a cold I was ready to rest my sexy loins.  I passed out with my mate Dan Wulfsohn and we struggled to get real rest, trading heart to heart stories about women in our past, being disturbed by mates who wanted to make drinks and girls who wanted our attention not to mention the cold – despite us being in a two man tent the air was freezing and sleeping was a challenge in its own. I meant to wake up for psyguy’s set at 7am but ended up only rising from my slumber to the bangers that Xerox was flinging into the crowd! The international act playing under his Xerox alias played a two hour set that seemed to last only thirty minutes and that’s because I found myself losing my shit during his set!

When I opened my eyes again, everyone was clapping as Headroom greeted the international artist and took the stage to do what his does best. Headroom for lack of a better review, got on stage and as per usual proceeded to treat everyone to yet another amazing Sunday set. Not much more can be said than – this guy is and will always be a crowd favourite for years to come! Keep it up, keep representing South Africa as well as you do!


That wizard who is never late nor early – he arrives precisely when he means to, to his spin wizardry forth upon us faithful servants of psytrance- this being a DJ who I believe should get way more slots than he does, this being Gandalf was up next and he followed in perfectly after Headroom, bringing with him the best kind of daytime psytrance slammers! I take my wizard hat off to this guy once again as he proved to us yet again why he is one of the veterans in this world we cherish so much.

The moment so many of us were waiting for all party was next and that was as Vertical Mode took to the stage. Many will agree with me when I say that his set was everything we expected and more!  No complaints here, except for that moment when his set ended! I can cross this experience of my list: “Saw Vertical Mode and lost my shit in the sun during a great Sunday service!” .  Missioning around the dance floor during his set kept me entertained throughout, it seems the beats this master was sending forth brought an extra sense of silliness to the patrons on the dance floor! So many smiling faces, silly dancers, friends of mine tackling each other with force and love, people jamming in hammocks and many a random laugh or conversation was shared! The amount of bliss caressing my body and that of everyone else’s was palpable. My body was being tickled with euphoria just from being around all this love!


And it continued as another legend of our universe took his part up in the pulpit, Mr Dave Mac Mckinley was tasked with the massive mission of ending the party after Vertical Mode was done tickling our senses.  Yet another DJ who should be playing more parties, this legend took the stage and delivered a beautiful ending sermon to yet another heart wrenchingly beautiful Sunday Funday! It was no surprise that when he ended, the crowd found themselves screaming in unison for one more track, and he did exactly that, giving us not one but I think it was three more tracks? I stand to be corrected as by this point I was pretty fucked!

Once the music did end, people stuck around and chilled on the dance floor, trading many a story and laugh as we successfully conquered yet another glorious party! We made our way to the parking lot where many groups of party animals were having mini car after parties, and before leaving a bunch of us, some random and some friends, helped a guy push his car, not once but eight times before it started again. To me this was a perfect image of how beautiful and considerate most of us are in this beautiful world we are a part of! Even though I was in the bakkie on my out when the others had pushed for the final time starting Jan’s bucket of bolts up again!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved, Warren keep it up bro, thank you to Mr Tromp for his amazing sound, Choppa and his crew for the rigging and beautiful decor, the lighting and visual team, the cleaners, the stall owners, the bar staff and of course to every beautiful smiling face on the dance floor. It was a Love Project to remember and I shall definitely be back next year to project yet more love with the rest of yall!

Photography by: Brent Photography

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