Cookie Blocking- Its a real thing

I spent most of Saturday chilling out at MyCityByNight HQ with Kreg watching Western Province lose to the Bulls and Man United suck all the way to a 0-0 draw with Sunderland *sigh*

Thankfully my day improved with an invite from a super mooiness to come and join her and a friend for a drink at Buena Vista Social Cafe in Greenpoint. As I arrived on the scene, I was greeted by the said mooiness and her friend and what appeared to be a small army of empty Margarita glasses. Still in a great deal of pain from the Halo Live party the night before I decided to be avant-garde and order a cola tonic (without the lemonade because I was so hungover)- thankfully the waitor felt sorry for me, recognising my mistake in order and advised me that I should add the usual lemonade to avoid having to down a straight shot of cola tonic forcing a day long rush. The girls ordered more tequila infused drinks and continued to be very festive- hat wearing levels of festive… well almost.

After the drinks had arrived the mooiness (plural) noted that with my gracing of their presence, the drinks had become far less staunch and tasty… “Ahhh shit we’ve been cookie blocked” were their exact words if I can remember. You see as soon as another y chromosome is added to the mix guys feel the need to prove something- its inherent- thankfully we’ve evolved past peeing on things to mark our territory (well for the most part).

You see what happened is similar to the equivalent of the male “cock blocking” which involves a guy being denied a chance to get lucky by other dudes/girls/midgets, except it was regarding them using their feminine wiles to entice the male waitor into giving them better service and tastier drinks (although to be fair, they probably didnt need to do much coaxing). As soon as I arrived, the waitor acknowledged my presence and ceased to “mak the mooiness” with the previous vigour of the afternoon that preceeded… I effectively cookie blocked the mooiness (MY BAD!!!)

So what I wanted to know from the girls that read the site is… Do you mooiness ever get “cookie blocked” sexually by girl mates or other guys, thereby denying you a chance to score with a guy or girl (hey lesbos read this too!)? Or maybe you have a similar story to share… I’d love to know! 🙂

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  1. i believe the correct term was “cootch-blocked”… but, i was well over the legal limit by then.

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