‘Cooked with Cannabis’ is the Netflix show taking THC-infused cuisine to the next level

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use (and growth) across the world in American states like Colorado, California and Oregon, as well a list of other territories including our very own county South Africa, which decriminalised the personal use and growth of cannabis, allowing up to 600g per person in a household.

Since the global shift across the world, pot has become a hot new culinary trend, with many private chefs touting their skills with cannabis as the main feature of their businesses. Netflix’s new cannabis culinary competition show ‘Cooked With Cannabis’ allows chefs to express the culinary talent with particular regard to using the herb as an ingredient. meals infused with THC can be satisfying and make you mellow at the same time.

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Singer and culinary expert Kelis hosts Cooked With Cannabis with Portland’s best-known cannabis chef, Leather Storrs. In each episode, three chefs with experience cooking with pot (using every part of the plant) will be given a theme and limited time to come up with an appetizer entree and dessert. Each course has to have THC infused in one of the ingredients. The winner of the contest gets $10,000.

Netflix is celebrating 4/20 with gourmet cooking by and for some of the world’s biggest stoners. Cannabis cooking has become an absolute art form, and we bring you some of the dankest dishes.”

Kelis and Storrs are the main judges, but each episode they are joined by celebrity tasters who get mercilessly stoned off their nin course meals. If you looking for some cooking inspiration, check out Zootly’s infused recipes right here.

Watch the trailer below and watch the series right now on Netflix.

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