Conspiracy Theorists say Justin Bieber shape-shifted his eyes at his court hearing

justin bieber shapeshifter

In the most bizarre bit of news that I’ve come across this week, internet conspiracy theorists claim to have outed Justin Bieber as a reptilian illuminati shapeshifter (I kid you not).

Apparently The Biebs was busted shapeshifting his eyes during his recent court hearing over his drunken drag racing arrest. Watch the clip and draw your own conclusions around whether Justin Bieber is indeed a dark overlord from a distant galaxy.

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  1. LOL just saw the original video and you all are really dumbshits if you think that “digital effect” is real!

  2. Logical explanation…. Adobe After-effects… If CGI can make 50 foot tall robots / ect ect then this is NOTHING. Absolute idiot.. Probably believes in Jesus and the Easter Bunny too…

  3. If Justin Bieber could shapeshift wouldn’t he have shapeshifted into a better singer?

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