Conquering every corner of the globe the quirky, outlandish & berserk music festival – elrow, finally comes to SA!


Spreading humour, entertainment, and raw energy across 34 countries, in 64 cities over 193 shows and in just six years – The travelling sensation with their celebrity mascot and her very own posse is a nomadic party spirit that’s history is as rich as its delivery of mind-blowing aesthetics and world-class music.

The genesis of one of today’s most riveting rave experiences has its roots in Row14, Spain.  Beginning as a club, only open weekly on Friday and Saturday nights –the weekly events, surprisingly weren’t quite taking off – in fact, the venue almost closed down before the crew decided to mix it up and began throwing morning parties and buying toys to interact with the crowd. It wasn’t long before a full-fledged brand with a signature mascot and her very own posse was formed – and the team has never looked back since…

From hosting one of the biggest stages second to the main floor at Tomorrow Land as well as hosting their own festival and being dubbed Ibiza’s number 1 party – elrow and its creative masterminds have now arrived in SA bringing with them shiploads of tricks and treats to bend your mind.

What almost seems like a sneaky surprise, the organizers have teamed up with local party innovators Kinky Disco, Sexy Groovy Love, Strange Loving, Bridges for Music and We House Sundays to bring both Cape Town and Johannesburg an unparalleled outdoor rave experience.

Taking place at The Sheds in Joburg and The Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, festival goers can expect live trapeze artists, confetti canons and massive inflatables along with TNT, the row row tribe, party pipes and more when SA gets a taste of their infamously Far West themed party next month.

Without giving away too much of the juicy details just yet, we suggest you get to know the elrow family and their ambassador Rowgelia. For even more information on elrow South Africa visit their fan page, join either the JHB or CT event and DEFINITELY check out their website.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Phase 1 > R295
Phase 2 > R355
Phase 3 > R415
Phase 4 > R475
FINAL > > R545
VIP > R1200 (Comfortable private VIP area with couches, tables, snacks and bottle service)

Posted by Elrow South Africa on Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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