Conor McGregor’s Self Made Documentary, Notorious in a Nutshell.

After following “Team McGregor’ around for more than four years, eventually, director Gavin Fitzgerald (The Fighting Irish) released his feature-length tribute (now available exclusively on Showmax) to the athlete now considered the best in the business. While we’re most certainly not surprised that the documentary turned out rather one-sided, we’re more annoyed at how blatantly so it did with McGregor and Fitzgerald portraying the MMA stars skewed perception of himself shamelessly.

Although the Irish-native has become a compelling public figure to watch – infamous for his frequent “blows” and ridiculous outbursts at opponents, he has also become well up his own ass.

He started off humble as a plumber back in Dublin before he left to pursue his dream and devote himself full time to fighting the European circuit. It wasn’t until 2012 that he exploded onto the UFC radar and went from living with his parents to living big in the USA.

The “rags to riches”, “underdog”  story is all good and well but so many factors are blatantly omitted here and apparently no one’s opinion besides his own matters as no one else is seen to be interviewed in the documentary other than McGregor. Also not addressed in the film is the career shifting beating handed to him by Mayweather and Nate Diaz’s incredible moments from the second fight. It’s basically a self-indulgent look into the mirror McGregor would like you to see, filled with smooth editing of him living the high-life of cars, mansions, fashion and fight nights of course.

Fortunately, it is captivating in the sense that it is incredibly well shot and edited – and there’s also no denying that his story is truly incredible, love or hate him.

Check out the official trailer below and watch the entire Conor McGregor: Notorious documentary right now for free exclusively on Showmax.

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