Congressman Explains The Trump Presidency With “Stranger Things” Metaphor & Presentation

Congressman Explains The Trump Presidency With "Stranger Things" Metaphor & Presentation

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The first part of the Trump Presidency has been utterly bonkers with the guy fumbling through press conferences, banning Muslims from entering the US and a host of other crazy things. In a bid to explain exactly what it’s been like in layman’s terms, US congressman for Rhode Island, David Cicilline used a fairly laboured metaphor relating it to Stranger Things.

Speaking at the House Of Representatives on Thursday last week, David Cicilline which spelled ‘Trump Things’ in the ‘Stranger Things’ logo font and proceeded to try and explain that similarly to Stranger Things, we were now stuck in the Upside Down, where things really weren’t going as planned.

It’s a really odd way to try and make a point, but I suppose referencing Stranger Things was bound to get him a good couple of hits on the interwebs, which I’m sure really didn’t hurt his quest to get his views heard.

Check it out below:

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