Conan O’Brien finds hidden message in Kardashian Christmas Card

Kardashian christmas card 2013

The Kardashians have this uncanny ability to intrigue even the most ardent of reality tv haters out there and with the Kardashian Christmas Card for 2013, they certainly continued to do that (although to be fair maybe intrigued isn’t the right word). In this family, it is tradition to put together an over-the-top Christmas Card to send around to friends and family (to make them jealous) and this year Kim and co went to great lengths to create something really special.

The Kardashian family will be wishing you a very happy holiday with a rather avant-garde picture of all of them together, amongst scatterings of family-related memorabilia. The shoot cost $25 000 and this bill was footed by Ryan Seacrest Productions (he owns them) with the solid knowledge that it would get the entire World talking. Since the card imagery was released, the Kardashians and that weird alien thing Bruce Jenner have been accused of being part of the Illuminati for some unbelievable reason (apparently the same conspiracy theorists say that Drake is part of the Illuminati too because he has an owl as his logo). The mystery and drama doesn’t end there though, as US talk show host Conan O’Brien revealed on his show earlier this week:

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