Competition Winners & Line Up Times For Skazi – Once Again, Thank You Disasterpiece


It gives us great pleasure to annouce that the winners for the Skazi competition are:

Britt (thanks for showing us your boobs)

Neil G

You have both been emailed on how to organise your tickets, please check your emails and respond as soon as possible.

Thanks again to all of you for entering, as I have said before, I would love to give you all free entry but we can’t.

Here are the line up times for this insane party. If you ask me, this is one of the most potent line ups in a while. If Concious Chaos is starting at 11pm and the Jester is only coming on at 10 – 11 30am the following morning, there are going to be some seriously damaging beats being punished through the sound system on Saturday and Sunday 


14h00 15h30 HAPHAZARD
15h30 16h30 JAM JAR
16h30 17h30 SOUNDPROOF
17h30 18h30 SNITCH
18h30 20h00 SWAY
20h00 21h00 ANTIBODY
21h00 22h00 PSYQLOPZ vs IRON LOTUS
23h00 00h00 EXCELL
00h00 01h00 TERROR MENTAL
01h00 02h00 IRONSTEIN
02h00 03h00 SWINE vs FROZEN GHOST
03h00 04h00 RUBIX QUBE
04h00 05h00 BIORHYTHM
05h00 06h00 XATRIK
06h00 07h00 FROZEN GHOST
07h00 08h00 SKAZI LIVE
08h00 10h00 SKAZI DJ
10h00 11h30 JESTER
11h30 12h30 SUPER EVIL
12h30 13h30 BRUCE
13h30 14h30 BROKEN TOY
14h30 16h00 MARK


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