Commuters Get Covered In Snow By This Mean Train

Commuters Get Covered In Snow By This Mean Train

While we’ve been enjoying some pretty stunning weather in South Africa, the Northern part of the World has been gripped by some rather nasty weather, as a final middle finger to those that are very keen to start enjoying some Spring sunshine. In the video below, you get to see a train approach a station, covered in snow somewhere over in the good old US of A, followed by what can only be described as a complete obliteration of the snow and everyone that just happened to be standing on the platform nearby.

It’s just like when a motorist smashes a puddle near a pedestrian, leaving them soaked to the bone, except the motorist is replaced by a train driver who doesn’t give a toss about anyone else. This almost looks like it hurts?!.

Now go outside and enjoy some sunshine while you still can!

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