Comic Kevin Bloody Wilson comes to SA

As a South African its almost a right of passage of sorts to have an inherent disliking for all things Australian. Every now and again they do churn out something worthy of export like Vauxhual Vectra and the absolutely hilarious comedian and singer Kevin Bloody Wilson.

He is a politically incorrect Aussie (is there any other type?) who applies his trade as a comic-musician, cracking up audiences around the globe with hits like “Don’t touch your sister”, “Festival of farts”, “Santa was stoned” and “The last lager waltz” (all of which contribute to his massive 3.5 million sales worldwide). MyCityByNight is certainly very amped to go and check him out when he is in Cape Town next week- he’s just the right amount of crass to make us chuckle. We felt that this feeling of excitement should also be shared with likes of you- our much beloved and blog awards nominating family…

That’s right- Corporate Image has supplied us with 2 sets of Double tickets to the event at the GrandWest Arena next Thursday and here’s what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this post describing why you and a guest should get the tickets and have the opportunity to laugh at an Aussie without worrying about being murdered by a rusty spoon… There we go- easy enough.

Best two entries get the tickets! Winners announced on Wednesday next week.



Date/Venue       Thursday, 26 August – GrandWest Grand Arena

Time                 Doors open at 19h00, show starts at 20h15

Duration            2h 20min

Cost                 R149 to R289

Tickets             Computicket

Age                  Definitely no under 18’s!

Date/Venue       Friday 27 & Saturday 28 August – Carnival City Big Top

Time                 Doors open at 19h00, show starts at 20h15

Duration            2h 20min

Cost                 R149 to R289

Tickets              Computicket

Age                  Definitely no under 18’s!

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  1. Thought I'd stopped believin' in Santa

    Untill last Christmas night

    I was havin' a quiet little cone on me own

    When I looked up into the sky

    I saw this sleigh comin' outta controle

    Headin' straight for my place

    Crashed and burned in my backyard

    Woah Santa was off his face

    I wana go experience this first hand 🙂 hahahaha

    Pick me…Pick me

  2. Ok, in all seriousness, iv loved this guys comedy for many years now, his songs are classic, and he is by far the best thing to come out of


    I deserve these fucking tickets, Because you cant say Cunt in Canada

    and Nigelllll….(is a) Fucking Legend!

    Do i Look Like i give a fuck? DILLIGAF

    Please MCBN, make a brother laugh

  3. Kevin Bloody Wilson is not just an entertainer, he's a historical artefact. And his crass but smart down-to-earth hilarious story-telling somehow defined my adolescent years. My brother and I grew up to his songs and he has always embodied a kind of Aussie flair us South Africans can relate to. I'd love to see him live.

  4. "I was pissed and disorderly again last friday night…" This is my theme song 🙂 my dad and I have canned ourselves many a unsober time to Kevin and I would kill to see him live (yes I mean you Jess, Gerald and Michelle)

    1. haha! All very good and worthy entries! To be honest im rather impressed that you all know his tunes so well- I hadnt heard of him until a couple of weeks back.

      Whoever of you win- be prepared- I laugh like a little girl at comedy shows- its rather embarrassing for all seated around me 🙂

  5. My Brother Wazzo absolutely loves this fucking guy I mean he plays the fucking songs on the fucking main stereo system in the house constantly. I've told him many times but he wont shut the shit off EVER. I have endured so much hatred for this fucking guy aswell as the song he plays on repeat at full volume. Im sure if my neighbours knew about your site the would defintaely vouch for me here and tell you how loud and often he plays this fucking shit…..(Maybe I will tell them about MCBN just so they can vouch for me..)
    PLEASE PLEASE Give me the tickets so I can BURN them infront of him. He has been wanting to for weeks asking my mom to buy him the tickets but she refuses. If you gave them to I promise to video the clip of me buring the tickets as he watches is dismay. I will surprise and have a camera hidden as the tickets go up in flames… I can upload the video or alternately post it to the site….. Please this is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity for me as a brother to do this….


  6. Hey there, Craig just called me and told me about your site. Nice, Looks tight. I will try and have a look around tomorow, but I just want to vouch for Craigs story here…..

    I have even oftered to come over and hind in the bushes and film it with my HD Camera. Please give him the tickets so we can get this little scoundrel back for playing that aussie wanker music all day and night….


  7. I want those tickets so badly! Please give me the one set, and Craig the other, id love to watch that video!

  8. Kevin bloody Wilson!!! Need I say more 🙂 this guys so so funny not even the giggle twig is needed for this show! It would be monumental to c this comic live! Please pick me MCBN 😀

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