Comedy Central presents: The Roast Of Steve Hofmeyr

In case you didn’t hear the news yesterday- the much revered (in some places in SA I’m sure) Steve Hofmeyr is to become the very first Saffa to have his very own COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST.

It will be recorded in front of a live audience on September 11 (ominous) at The Lyric Theatre in Gold Reef City, Jozi. Fans can get involved by submitting some proposed abuse by tweeting @Steve_Hofmeyr and @ComedyCentralAF with the #RoastZA hashtag.

For those not in the know- a roast is where friends, family and comics get to lay into you with all sorts of outrageous anecdotes with the Roastee, in this case good old Steve, going last to try and get his own back.

Hofmeyr, 47, is one of South Africa’s most recognisable personalities, with an eclectic and evergreen career that spans acting, singing, song-writing, presenting, writing, polemicism, activism and being innappropriate. This really should be quite entertaining. More details around the tickets to follow.

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