Come Unwind at AfterBurn with The Spirit Train & Lobo


AfrikaBurn’s unofficial after-party and fundraiser is back this year, taking place on the 06th May 2017 at the Zip Zap circus in Foreshore Cape Town. Not only is this party full of causes to make you feel warm and fuzzy but the lineup is out of this world.

The Spirit Train returns to AfrikaBurn for a third year this 2017 thanks to the help and support at their last fundraiser AfterBURN 2016 and this year they are hoping to do it all again. From conception In 2014 to manifestation and presentation in 2015 straight through to the evolution of the Lobo and Gobo versions that will be tracking through the dust this year at AfrikaBurn, this art project has evolved significantly in such a short span of time. The Spirit Train is back with its enigmatic DJ booth and amazing lighting and 360-degree visual feast. A steampunk themed, mutant style train headed by its spirit animal a wolf named Lobo and its companion the owl Gobo are the ongoing art project of a passionate group of passionate artists and artisans who strive to create a positive change. Lobo the wolf is said to be symbolic of instinct, intuition, intelligence and pack society much like that of the AfrikaBurn community. Lobo heads the train while Gobo, also a spirit animal houses the stage lighting on the Train. 

The team behind the project are also focused on a cause close to their hearts. An unfortunate turn of events, fortunately, brought the lives of the team and a young boy named Kaya together. Kaya’s story is all too familiar, he is impoverished and is part of a neglectful family. The Spirit Train is dedicated to the upliftment of Kaya’s young life and through funds raised they are hoping to support his education and prepare him for when he graduates. By supporting the passionate team behind The Spirit Train you will be supporting Kaya’s future too.

This year’s AfterBURN fundraiser’s theme is REPLAY and while we have some cool ideas up our sleeve we super amped to see what you party goers will be interpreting this theme. Taking place at the Zip Zap circus in the Foreshore, AfterBURN attendees will be able to relive the festivities from the prior week at the Playa by dressing to the absolute nines one more time. The fest will be set to go with a fully stocked bar and beer garden and food trucks, but the real beauty of the event is the incredible line up the organisers have secured. A full blown international affair with a variety of genres is guaranteed to be an electronic feast! Check out this solid line-up:  


– M O N O L I N K – live     ** Germany / UYSR.300grad.DOC

– ERIC VOLTA                  ** UK / Visionquest / My Favourite Robot

– J U S T E M M A             ** Germany / Underyourskin Records

– B A T U O Z E R             ** Turkey / Urban Cosmonaut

– KAISER SOUZAI            ** Germany / Rotor Records

– ALI B                               ** UK / Fabric London

Local acts Ian Skene and Gordon Mackay will also be taking the stage. Tickets are currently available online will cost you R 180 Pre-Burn (valid till 20 April) and R 250 AfterBURN and R 300 at the door (if available). Your support will ensure that Lobo and Gobo return to the playa in 2018 and also ensure the ongoing support Kaya is receiving.

“What began as a thought (Afrika Burn 2014) has become a refined vision of sonic, aural and sensory pleasure that will delight all those who encounter the Train and its spirit. Lobo and Gobo are the beautiful marriage of uniquely skilled artisans, creatives, blacksmiths, graffiti artists & event planners that have been working hammer & nail to bring their expansive imagination to life.”

We truly believe this is a cause worth supporting and can’t wait to get down to that awesome lineup all in the name of love. Get your Pre-Burn tickets right now while they are still available. See you all there!

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