Colourworks continues to “see things differently”

With a great deal of our focus over the next couple of weeks being geared towards local creativity and design, we figured that it would be a nice touch to feature one of South Africa’s top creative agencies… Colourworks

Colourworks is a creative collection that focuses its energy in the sphere’s of Marketing, Branding, Design, Print,  Events and Public Relations (yes and they do ALL of these, really well). The company philosophy centers around seeing things differently, which is why owner Lesley Waterkeyn decided that the company’s 13th year should be ‘seen differently’ as well. So, in lieu of the usual boring company logo and colour scheme – Colourworks diversified and reinvented themselves with a range of colour palates, spunky characters and tongue in cheek tag lines (we’re fans of the tongue in cheek here).

With a launch at Colourworks‘ Greenpoint Studio attended by Bizcommunity chairperson/marketing guru Chris Moerdyk, Stuart Lightbody (crazy magician) and a bunch of people from the creative industry we were able to witness what appeared to be a shift in the type of company (look, feel & product) that we see as the norm in South Africa. It really is exciting and we can’t wait to see some of the awesome work coming out the very creative four walls that makes up Colourworks.

If you, like Ferrari for the launch of its 457 Italia were, are in need of some excellent creative input whether it be in design, print, events, marketing or branding, get hold of Colourworks over HERE.

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