Colorado based artist uses the sun as his medium, watch him scorch his work in this epic video.

This is creativity like you have never seen before!

Up until 5 years ago artist and film maker, Michael Papadakis used to paint the conventional way – with paint, brushes and standard art supplies. It was on a trip along the Silk Road from Asia to Europe that an ingenious idea struck him, “When I was in China my friend had a magnifying glass sitting on his table and I vividly remember the sun shining through the window onto the magnifying glass,” Papadakis told Caters News. “I instantly had a moment of realization where I thought to myself, ‘I could probably draw with that.”

He began focusing more on experimenting with the Sun as a medium teamed with glass as a tool and quickly realized their stunning effect. Five years later and with an endless supply of material, Michael has become phenomenal! Using a variety of magnifying glasses, he positions himself a meter or so away from his wooden canvas, and expertly guides the magnified light to scorch his visuals onto wood. The subject matter is endless and there’s virtually nothing this ingenious artist can’t “burn”.

Performance art side to this unique work, saying “People have to see it (in action) to understand it and truly appreciate it,”

It really is awesome to watch the works being scorched, it’s fascinating and brilliantly creative. Watch Michael scorch his designs below and for more on his work be sure to follow his Facebook:

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