Cold Turkey… What a line up!

We’ve got a banger of a Cold Turkey lined up for you this Sunday, a host of talented South African artists as well as international guests!


13:00 : : Cold Turks Mix
14:00 : : Deedoc
15:00 : : Chris FM Powell (UK)
16:00 : : Iktomi
17:00 : : Indiginus
18:00 : : Rebel Clef
19:00 : : Dank
20:00 : : Blotchy
21:00 : : Mr Bong (LIVE SET & ALBULM LAUNCH)
22:00 : : Ish
23:00 : : Gianni Aragno (Es)

R20 entrance before 4pm, R30 after. Deep n bassy on the floor, cold beers + braai food available from the bar, live painting and bars outside.

Also in the outside area will be SHELFLIFE with special guests, doing some live painting in the afternoon. So come early, soak up the sun, grab a cold quart and sit back n enjoy.

We hate to be party-poopers but we got hit by a crime syndicate at the last event. There were no reported thefts until after 10pm, so as a precaution keep your phone, keys, bags etc safe at all times, especially later into the evening, and consider leaving valuables at home. We always have security on hand to keep an eye on things but do take special care with your belongings. If you see anything suspicious please report it immediately to the staff at the door. On a positive note two men were arrested but it’s little consolation for those that haven’t recovered their stolen belongings. We want you to party safely, so do look out for each other and make a noise if you see anything.

Please note the slight price increase, as the party has grown we have to increase costs to keep it running as best as we can, you can still get in at the old price before 4pm for the chilled afternoon vibes, afterwards it’s a meagre R30!

See you this Sunday, 🙂

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