Cody Meyer’s Blueroom features Floyd Lavine [Rise / Watergate Berlin] at Mødular this Weekend

Cody Meyer's Blueroom features Floyd Lavine [Rise / Watergate Berlin] at Mødular this Weekend


The team at Blueroom welcomes local favourite Floyd Lavine to a special edition of the Blueroom Ft Floyd Lavine [Rise / Watergate Berlin] // Mødular. this weekend.

Born and raised in South Africa, Floyd Lavine is an ‘African Nomadʼ, an Artist of a new African generation. Floyd wants to explore our global village in every direction, with one foot in Berlin and the other in Cape Town. His passion for electronic music is deeply rooted, influenced by African rhythms and predominantly focusing on grooves which he describes as essences of the African soul. The spirit and sensuality of his sound have gained him acclaimed recognition.

Floyd is one of the creators of RISE, an African-inspired event & record label based in Berlin , holding monthly events at Watergate Club and showcases across Europe and Africa.RISE has had major impact on the European electronic scene its no wonder headliners acts like Black Coffee , Henrik Schwarz , Culoe De Song , Djeff Afrozilla , Osunladeare regular guests.

Floyd has had the pleasure of presenting his unique talent at some of the world premier events around the world like Glastonbury Festival Uk ,Berghain and Watergate Berlin , Horde and Djoon in Paris , Greece , Italy , USA , and shows in Nigeria , Angola , Mozambique , to leading South African festival like Rocking the Daises in Cape Town to Oppiekoppie Festival.

Music wise Floyd has released on some of the leading international labels including Get Physical Records , Watergate Records , Records and his own imprint RISE Music.



Floyd Lavine (Watergate Berlin)
Cødy Meyer

– Mødular. (34 Riebeek Street Cape Town CBD 8001)


– R100

– 22:00 to LATE



The Blueroom was started with a clear mission: to fill a void in SA nightlife by hosting authentic parties, aimed at both deep house and techno lovers, in the heart of Cape Town. The focus is to provide an intimate, memorable and transformative experience where the music is the focal point. Attendees are entrusted in protecting the brand’s electric spirit and underground feel. Being a party that consistently exceeds its capacity, the concept is to purposefully keep the brand underground and the crowds intimate. This ensures an exclusive experience for both YOU and the DJ, because, in the end, that’s all there is any way – just YOU and the music.–

The Blue Room retains a dark, sexy aura. Lit up by blue LED lighting, the venue is filled with a density of fog. The minimal décor encourage the intimate atmosphere and ambiance, keeping the music the key element. The combination of spirit-lifting beats, low lighting, and the artistic images help reinforce the connectivity among the crowd.

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