Coachella Rave Dad


I’ve been checking the updates from friends who are at Coachella at the moment and it’s been making me incredibly jealous. Apart from the amazing music that is coming out of the music festival the internet has also been flooded with some pretty awesome videos, videos like this one of #CoachellaRaveDad.

These were 3 Vines made by a festival-goer who had the pleasure of watching somebodies dad come up really hard on ecstasy. The first Vine shows the rushing dad do one of the most amazing squat dance moves I’ve ever seen, with each subsequent 6 second clip getting worse. In the final clip, he’s gone and got some jeans and a normal t-shirt so that he could presumably blend in a little better with young folk.

Here he’s showing off his moves next to a dude that looks like he showed up at Coachella by mistake

And now with the outfit change:

Don’t do drugs…

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