Coachella Festival – What A Line Up?

Is this even normal? Could you imagine 3 days of partying to some of the names you would only dream of seeing here in Cape Town. Friday to Sunday brings a host of Electronic acts as well some of the most well known bands to grace the stage. Take Friday for example, I would be honoured to see the likes of Skrillex, Crystal Castles, Magnetic Man, Erick Morillo (who I have seen in CT) A Trak, Sander Klienberg and Afrojack to name a few. The Saturday and Sunday lists are no different. If you would like see what Coachella is all about then hit the link below, experience it, feel it, imagine being there!

Local event organisers, take a look at this video cause this is how a festival should be run. WE NEED THIS!

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    Is this some sort of JOKE!
    Now I’m emotional! Shit is about to go full retard! I’m gonna start breaking shit!!!!!

    ***jealousy rage now sort of over***

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