Clifton Shores hits Cape Town

While kicking it on the Peroni Yacht Experience over the weekend, the MyCityByNight crew were informed that we’d be joined by a couple of members from the cast of the brand new reality TV show entitled Clifton Shores.

At first we were mystified by the fact that we hadn’t heard about the fact that it was based around the lives of some ultra mooiness yet (after which we realized that peeps on other blogs had written about it last year proving we don’t read much else than our own site) and then we pondered why no-one had called us to play a little guest role in the filming of the show- I mean really 🙂

The show is based on “The Hills” and “The City” is currently being filmed in the lovely city of Cape Town. It centers around a group of mooiness that has come to the rather lovely area of Camps Bay and Clifton to ply their trade, seeing if they can make it down South, while providing just the right amount of bitchiness, drama, intrigue and partying.

The cast is made up by a group of American mooiness, which to be brutally honest were fairly mystical to gaze upon up close up while on the Peroni Yacht Experience. As we speak, we’re getting hold of the production company to enquire why they didn’t think it pertinent to include the South African authority in nightlife, entertainment and awesome shit for at least one of the other episodes.

People (Kreg) generally don’t proclaim undying love for the likes of Jersey Shore (mainly due to the irritating Orange bretheren) but I think that this might just be an interesting bit of viewing based on the fact that its shot here and has a cast of mooiness- what better recipe for entertainment right?

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll see what we can do in terms of getting you some more info from the powers that be and hopefully one or two insights to daily activities of a Clifton Shores mooiness.

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  1. Wait, why are they American? Would have been much more entertaining with South Africans

    1. Maybe a little bit more for us- but I’m not too sure how the rest of the mtv and e channel viewers with feel about a bunch of mooiness talking about kapping eintjies and other crap they wouldn’t understand 🙂

      Maybe a local version is needed?

  2. It’s got nothing to do with MTV. It’s a cheap knock off and it’s fucking lame!

  3. Four American girls and three South African girls feature in the show. It’s a South African production and has wrapped end April. There is already 5 (different countries) MTV channels interested in the show as well as E! Entertainment, Bla! I think this is excellent exposure for Cape Town, as they showcase everything great about Cape Town and the Western Cape. Have you even thought about that? Jeesh I hate negative people!!

  4. People better stop talkin crap my cousin that show and if you wanna talk crap to someone its gonna be me your talkin to

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