CliffCentral, Your Morning Show Is Back & They Are Crazy For WeChat!

CliffCentral WeChat TVC

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last week or two, Gareth Cliff will be hitting the radio again, which launches on the 1st of May & will run from 6am – 9am which will be “uncensored, unhinged and unradio” – Get ready for Gareth at his finest…

But here is one of the things I enjoyed most:


“CliffCentral is not just an online radio station. It will be multi-faceted and free from suspensions, restrictions or BCCSA complaints,” Gareth said.

“CliffCentral will be available online, but what I’m most excited about, is our partnership with WeChat. CliffCentral will have its own Official Account (OA) on WeChat and that’s where the magic is going to happen.”

“WeChat is a platform that envisions and innovates new ways for people to connect, communicate and share. Much like what Gareth has in mind for CliffCentral,”

“It’s not just about streaming. That’s only the beginning of the experience the CliffCentral OA on WeChat has to offer. A mash-up of functionalities will be available via the OA on WeChat: think voice and video clips from the CliffCentral team, the Poll with Mol, vouchers, chat groups etc. This is not radio as we know it.” explained Brett Loubser, MD of WeChat Africa.

The majority of Cliff’s ex-5FM breakfast team has also joined CliffCentral: Leigh-Anne Mol, Damon Kalvari and Mabale Moloi will be an integral part of The Gareth Cliff Show on CliffCentral from 06:00 to 09:00 from 1 May.

The latest WeChat TV commercial shows Gareth Cliff waking up from hypnosis on his psychiatrist’s couch, wondering what the hell is going on…

For an exclusive preview, view it here:

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