Cliff Jumping The Vermont Quarries Looks Epic!

Cliff Jumping The Vermont Quarries Looks Like A Seriously Epic Experience!


As we always mentioned, cliff jumping is pretty cool if you do it right and don’t end up dying in the process (a pretty good rule to follow for life in general). The peeps in this video are a collection of the USA’s 15 best cliff divers who went on a bit of trip over to Vermont for a four day party tour of the quarry cliffs in the area.

They pull off some utterly spectacular jumps and put together some of the finest cliff jumping footage we’ve ever seen. One thing is for sure though – these peeps are definitely not afraid of heights.

Nearly crapped myself looking at some of these shots, but did get pretty amped to get our Southern Summer kicked off so we could also get exploring in and around South Africa for some equally quality cliff jumping spots.

Check the video out below:

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