Click this if you wanna see Justin Bieber throw up on stage

Our earlier assumptions have been confirmed… Justin Bieber is actually a girl and is experiencing symptoms of morning sickness associated with pregnancy. Ok… that’s probably not true but still- I cant find any other plausable explanation for Biebs vomming on stage during one of his latest performances.

Footage has just surfaced of the guy who is currently knobbing Selena Gomez spewing rainbows on stage after he had to rush off a few times before the incident to do the same backstage (apologising to fans for being ill). Obviously people are going crazy and accusing him of being liquored up- I honestly think he just had one too many cheesy puffs before rocking the show.

Normally we wouldn’t care, but it is a bit of slow news day and we probably still a little bit upset that his girlfriend is such a mooiness.

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