ClassyMenace at Sideshow

Electro house maestro ClassyMenace will be bringing his unique sounds to The Sideshow in Cape Town on the 23rd of February. Having worked with Goldfish, Toya Delazy and Inner City’s Ann Saunderson, he’s one of those guys who you quite simply have to hear…
2 dance floors:
Main Floor
– ClassyMenace
– Jethro Braun
– Pixel Pop
Deep House Floor
– Candice Heyns
– Skribble & Skratch
And the name?
“I can do fun, light and engaging wearing my ‘Classy’ hat, and at the flick of a fader slide, the dark underbelly of the introspective alternative as ‘Menace’. I love both equally, and because that switch exists I get to play out my Jekyll & Hyde musical personality whenever and wherever either is ushered out.”
His freshest cut, “Movie Starr”, has begun percolating and provoking just the right amount of dance-music debate. “Some will love it, and some won’t,” he comments. “I’m okay with either point of view. After all, I’m not reinventing the wheel. If anything I’m simply doing maintenance on a perpetual machine. What I have to offer is hopefully smoother and slicker than that created by those with whom I share this diverse and delightful platform.”
Dress Code – No Shorts – Smart Casual

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