City Bowl Market in Hope Street (Cape Town)

On Saturday I woke up minus a hangover and decided that it was time to finally go and check out the City Bowl Market located in Hope Street, Cape Town. Considering that I live all of a 5 minute walk away it was unbelievable that I had not yet visited the fresh produce and organic market that was already one year old.

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it not only featured some of the most amazing fresh organic produce and food but also accessories, curios and clothes as well. I quite enjoy visiting markets because it really is great to see people sell products and food that they have literally put their heart and soul into making for the City Bowl Market.

There’s more than enough parking in the area, so it’s far more chilled than going down to the old biscuit mill. The clothes are basically like a hipster’s wet dream with vintage and once off designed pieces being the order of the day.

The only complaint that I have is the fact that it is only open on Saturdays (I mean really, where am I supposed to get my bacon and egg rolls from).

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  1. Hi

    I can’t believe you hadn’t been before!? I wish you would have asked any of the traders for myself and I would have at least been able to get you a cup of coffee. As you have done a lot of mentions about the market in the last 11 months!

    On the 16th of April the market will be turning 1 year old:)

    The plans are to in the near future expand into further dates of the week. But starting a market we have to grow accordingly. But I have to say we are definitely ready for some expansion! So hopefully we will be able to accommodate you soon.

    Kind Regards


    Organizer of City Bowl Market

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