City Bowl Fashion Market – 28th of January

Cape Town has been blessed with a plethora of fantastic little markets to explore over the weekends. One of the places that has been generating quite a bit of interest amongst locals is The City Bowl Market on Hope Street (you see it’s even located on an aptly named street).

The City Bowl Market on Hope and it’s curators have spent months searching the reaches of the Cape for the most exciting stallholders and products around. At this market you can get everything from bagels, Indian, sushi and croissants to fresh produce, bacon-and-egg rolls, ciabata, cheese and everything in between. The venue for the market itself is an old amd rather grand building in Gardens with a fascinating history behind including being used as a Zionist Hall, Jehovah’s Church and Indian Temple before lending itself to becoming a market.

It caters for the whole family with a garden and jungle gym for the kids and draft beer for the everyone else. The City Bowl Market trades every Saturday between 9am and 2pm. It is situated at 14 Hope St Gardens and there is always lots of parking available.

This week they’re focusing on local designers so if you love fashion, vintage styled goods, accessories, jewelry, woodwork, decor etc don’t be there this weekend. 30+ designers. One roof.

For more info check out their website:

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