Cinema Under The Stars at The Kramerville Bakery

Cinema Under The Stars at The Kramerville Bakery is your chance to eat, drink and watch a movie classic


We’re always looking for interesting things to do around the city of Jozi and with the latest edition of Cinema Under The Stars we can look forward to a bit of merriment in the form of food and drink while we enjoy a movie classic under the stars.

This particular feast is happening in collaboration with Patty & a Half and gives you the opportunity to spend an evening watching a popculture classic “Cool Runnings” whilst enjoying the best burgers in town and drinking a variety of delicious frozen cocktails!

R250 Tickets Include: movie, welcome cocktails, sliders, fries, slaw, a bag of sweets for the show, popcorn and candy floss.
[There will be a fully stocked bar for any additional drinks – speedpoint/ cash/ snapscan available]

For tickets email:


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