Christmas Dinner – Fattest Woman In The World Style

Christmas ball bags dot com! This is some seriously violent eating…

Her name is Donna Simpson and she is the worlds fattest woman. So natrually she is not scared of a knife and fork.

This is what she ate for xmas dinner, and if you feel bad for over indulging over the festive season, then this is to make you feel a whole lot better!

The meal was worth 30,000 calories. MA SE DING!!!!

What was her ambition growing up, to be the fattest woman in the world… Well done Donna… YOU KNOB!

I don’t know what your New Years resolution was, but clearly old Donna’s isn’t to lose weight anytime soon!

Two 10kg turkeys

Two maple-glazed hams

6kg roasted potatoes (around 30 potatoes)

2kg mashed potatoes

5 loaves of bread

2kg of stuffing

3 litres of gravy

3 litres of cranberries

7kg (!!!!!) of vegetables

A “salad” made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies

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