Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence Go In On The Latest “Playground Insults”

Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence Go In On The Latest "Playground Insults"


In the latest episode of the BBC Radio 1 creation – Playground Insults, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt really go in against each other, trying their best to deliver the most killer insults. The pair have been doing some pr for their new movie Passengers in the UK and decided that the best way to get the word out there, was to hurl insults back and forth with the aim of making either of them break down. The person to crack or burst out laughing first after receiving a couple of straight burns from their opponent is the loser – sounds like a recipe for something rather entertaining.

Damn. That was just ice-cold. Some real zingers in that and it does kind of get me excited to go and check the movie out, given the sheer chemistry of these two.

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