Chinese toddler caught after falling from a fourth floor building window

toddler caught after falling out window

This is some of the most unbelievable footage that I’ve ever come across on the internet and it involves a Chinese toddler who falls from a fourth story window only to be caught by delivery men working below. The five men were going about their normal day in Ninghai, Zhejiang Province in China when they heard a little girl’s cries and went outside into the street to investigate. They watched as a two-year-old girl named Qiqi dangled from the fourth story of a block of flats, where she was left home along by her not-so-responsible parents.

Moments passed before the little girl fell from the ledge, only to be caught by the delivery men below. Amazingly Qiqi only suffered a graze to the face with one or two of the guys who caught her also needing to get treated for some minor bumps and bruises. Those delivery guys are freaking heroes! Qiqi’s parents… not so much.

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