Chinese Professor builds a fake mountain villa on a building & then gets asked to move out of it

chinese building mountain villa

A Chinese professor by the name of Zhang Lin spent a little over 6 years building a mountain villa on the top of a 26-storey tower block in Beijing, only to be ordered to leave by Chinese officials for building it without planning permission.

The faux-mountain penthouse comes in at a hefty 1,000 square metres and has quite understandably been met with disapproval from neighbours underneath. A great deal of these residents complained about leaks and cracks in their homes as well as concerns that the huge structure might cause the entire block to collapse.

The said-officials have given Professor Zhang Lin 15 days to vacate the residence in the city’s west district of Haidian. I totally get the fact that it probably wasn’t totally honest of the professor to build this on top of a building without asking people, but I do see the value in just how cool it is as a totally insane design project.

buidling mountain villa 2


buidling mountain villa


buidling mountain villa 1

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