Chinese man grows himself a new nose on his forehead

chinese man with nose on forehead

I kid you not, doctors at a hospital in Fuzhou City, in East China’s Fujian Province have managed to grow a brand new nose on the forehead of a 22-year-old man. The man had damaged his original nose in a car crash and then failed to get the correct treatment for a full recovery, causing his nose to get infected leading to an eventual situation where his nasal cartilage was beyond repair.

The patient  nicknamed “Xiaolian,” was given the choice of saying goodbye to using his nose for breathing or growing a nose on his forehead formed from cartilage from his ribs – we all know which option he went for in the end. The procedure is a world first and shows incredible strides in medicine, with us being able to regenerate parts of our bodies that are failing, seeming not that far fetch at all.

I mean, come on… this guy has a nose growing on his forehead. WOW!

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